agenda for action

The Agenda for Action to be introduced by House Republican Leader Tom Cross on July 15th is crucial to get Illinois back to fiscal stability. An area I have especially taken interest in is the single, updated, searchable database website accessible to the public at no cost that includes each entity that receives Illinois funding.

This is closely related to my 7th performance measure: create a data and research agenda. First, my goal in this area is identify what Illinois needs. The Agenda for Action plan would identify where your taxpayer dollars are going. You could find out where your money was going. But if we had helpful specifics first, legislators would appropriate your money more wisely. That's where my performance measures come in.

Legislators have to hear from you and if we also have timely information from the state agencies, we can then know if you have been better served. I see this proactive role making state government more efficient. We have to cut down on the waste and the Agenda for Action along with my performance measures will do just that!
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