we need more republicans in springfield

According to Steve Huntley of the Chicago Sun-Times, House Speaker Madigan and State Senate President Emil Jones are far from blameless in the breakdown of state government. Steve writes that if anyone casts a ballot for a Democrat in a state legislative race it is beyond him.

A vote for a Republican is the ONLY WAY to protest one-party rule in Illinois. As I was at the Mercer County Fair yesterday, this hit me like a ton of bricks. Our Democracy is not set-up for one-party rule. Two or more parties, yes, no parties, yes.....but NOT one. Am I correct? I'll let you be the judge. I have to let you be the judge.

The Framers didn't have political parties at the start, parties evolved from interests and agendas. But from the start there became two. I have personally become aware of one-party rule in certain counties from my county treasurer colleagues. It doesn't matter which party, D or R, when one-party rules, there is potential bitterness or that bitterness shows up to bring gridlock and a lack of solutions to problems. The political balance on certain issues gets hammered and with it small battles ensue to create one big war.

Sound familiar? Look at state government. On the Senate side, the Republicans were left out of much of the budget process. The Senate Republicans can scream, holler and vote no all they want to, but it is of no use. Why? There isn't enough of them, being outnumbered 37 - 22. The Democrat super-majority has been full of steam to vote against the re-call provision, vote for pay raises and vote for an unbalanced budget.

I agree with Steve. Vote for the Republican candidate in the legislative race. Remember, one seat at a time.

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