don't tax, just spend

There was a front page article in the Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch on Friday, October 24, 2008 titled: "Don't tax, just spend". An interesting take on the way folks polled feel about taxes and the current programs going on in Illinois.

A poll released on Thursday the 23rd by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute showed people don't want more taxes, but do not want a cut in spending in 90% of the programs. Fewer that 1 in 4 want reductions in education, public safety, natural resources, public pensions and welfare. 78% said they do not want an increase in the sales tax and do not want services taxed.

State Representatives Lisa Dugan, D-Bradley, said duplicate services are a big culprit. I agree. We need to look at state programs to see if any agencies are running the same programs. If so, cut one. We have to bring spending in line to truly attack the budget crisis and ending duplication of services is a good way to start.
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