schilling's town hall meetings

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for the U.S. House, 17th District in Illinois, had two town hall meetings recently. On Tuesday night in Aledo and Wednesday night in Quincy. Bobby's meetings were about health care reform. He showed the bill, which weighs in at about ten pounds!

Bobby basically wants to see those with private health insurance coverage be able to keep it. He also would like to see tort reform involved with the legislation.

Quincy Herald Whig story

Schilling Holds Standing Room Only Health Care Town Hall Forum

ALEDO, IL--Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District of Illinois, held a town hall forum to discuss the current state of our health care system, at the Livermore Restaurant in Aledo. Over 40 people gathered to discuss medicare, medicaid, end of life decisions, tort reform and portability of health care.

"It is not in anyone's interest to put Washington bureaucrats in between patients and their doctors," said Bobby Schilling, "This bill does just that. It doesn't address necessary changes that will truly lower costs such as opening up competition nationally instead of state to state, health care savings accounts and tort reform."

"It meant a lot to have a candidate take time to come hear our concerns," said Mike McCutchan, resident of Mercer County, "After last night, I know that Bobby really cares about our thoughts and concerns regarding our health care system."

Bobby Schilling is a native of Rock Island, Illinois. He is a local business owner, father of nine and a candidate for U.S. Congress. For more information about Bobby Schilling please visit his website at
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