vote for bill brady today

Since Bill Brady announced his candidacy eleven months ago today, he has criss-crossed the state countless times, logged thousands of miles in the air and on the road, and committed countless hours to getting his message out to the voters of Illinois.

There is no candidate who has worked harder in this campaign than Bill Brady. He's been out there proving to Republican voters that he's the true and proven conservative candidate in this election. He talks the talk and, unlike others, he has walked the walk-- from retooling his business in these tough economic times to casting the tough votes and standing up for his principles in the legislature.

Bill Brady is the true conservative in this race, with a proven track record on the issues that matter most to Republican voters.

As the only Downstate candidate in this election, Bill Brady offers a clean break from the Chicago-style politics and politicians of the past. He will run a transparent and trustworthy government, restoring Illinois integrity and image.

Bill Brady is the only candidate with business and legislative experience. Of all the candidates for Governor, Republican or Democrat, Bill Brady is the only one who has stood solidly and consistently against raising taxes. And, as Governor, he will continue to do so.

Bill Brady is also the only candidate to have earned the endorsement of both statewide pro-life groups, because he believes government has an obligation to protect innocent human life.

He is a consistent supporter and advocate of the Second Amendment. As a member of both the NRA and Illinois State Rifle Association, Bill Brady has fought efforts to weaken the Second Amendment with gun control laws, further restrictions on ownership and attempts to outlaw specific weapons.

Please take the time to vote for Bill Brady today, because you want a new direction for Illinois.

Take the time to vote for Bill Brady, because you want a Governor who can balance the budget and, like your business and family, won't spend money the state doesnt have.

Cast your vote for Bill Brady, because you want a Governor who will bring jobs back to Illinois and keep any more jobs from leaving the state.

Tell your family and friends to vote for Bill Brady, because it is time to end the culture of greed and corruption in Illinois politics and make our state a place we can be proud of again.

Vote today. The polls close at 7 p.m. Then join us at our Election Day celebration at the Bloomington Doubletree, 1 Brickyard Drive, Bloomington.

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