schilling leads hare in new poll

A poll conducted by We Ask America for the 17th Congressional District has Bobby Schilling leading incumbent Phil Hare. 1250 people were used for the survey and a margin of error is at +/- 2.77%.

(D) Phil Hare38.41%9.60%73.09%22.63%
(R) Bobby Schilling41.15%79.66%8.75%44.41%
(G) Roger Davis3.85%1.13%2.84%7.82%

If you notice... the party affiliation segment of the results is drawn very well. It is the independent block that comes into play. Schilling leads by 2.74%, within the margin of error.
This poll was conducted on September 8th.

The "uncertain factor" still has a chunk of independent uncertains (25.14%) and Democrats (15.32%). The Republicans are solidly in Schilling's corner. Hare, on the other hand, is having issues within his own party! With the uncertain independent and Democrat total at 40.46% respectively, this has the makings of one of he biggest upsets in the nation. This race has evolved into the national spotlight and will continue to do so. If the Republican structure can turn these poll results into money, more volunteers and a strong get out the vote campaign, Schilling will be taking the seat.
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