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The unemployment rate in Illinois rose for three months in a row. As of July, the rate is at 9.5 percent. Since the record tax increases were passed, the jobless numbers have rose in Illinois. Since January 2011 89,000 jobs have been lost in Illinois. This according to the Department of Labor.

This trend did not start overnight. This has been a trend in the works since 2001. Illinois government has not tried to end the trend in lost jobs. Instead Illinois governmental leadership did just about the opposite. Increased spending, which meant a wave of massive fund sweeping, put a tremendous strain on the state treasury. In response, tax increases were proposed and passed. Those increases couldn't keep up because the spending far outweighed the revenues. Nothing was done in 2002 or 2003 when the problems could have been headed off at the pass. In the meantime the very function of state government was put in jeopardy. Needed funding to school districts and local government was delayed putting more of a strain on those entities.

What has been proposed by Governor Quinn is more borrowing in the form of another bond issue. If this idea continues, the spending has to be capped. The backlog of unpaid bills has to be addressed and the pension problem needs leadership. We as Illinois citizens must be vigilant in the pursuit of better fiscal policy. This means no more new programs and cutting programs which have outlived their usefulness.
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