let's become conservatives

Ever ask yourself what conservative pieces make up the entire puzzle? I feel lately we don't ask or ask enough. With a new campaign cycle here for the 2012 general election, perhaps we should go back and examine what conservatism is and what it should remain and become. Throughout the course of American history we have moved forward and brought the entire world together to further positive progress toward growth. Not all countries have followed our lead or have stayed the conservative course we have charted. They might have started and went back to the old ways or never became part of the move forward. Not everyone is going to follow our lead. One of conservatism's goals should be all inclusive. To allow everyone who wants to be part of the movement to be part of the movement. Have we allowed that and have we stayed our own course?

Here we have failed. Since the cultural conservative movement took shape in the early 1960's, there has been a group of gatekeepers that define who and who can't "come in" and be part of the process. That process I'm concerned with has a summit, and that is the ballot box. When it comes to getting votes we have done so much and became better in getting more votes. That's good..... but once conservatives are elected the sheets of music that got us ballot box victories are left out of the performance. Not always... but granted, we are ignoring a formula to success. The gatekeepers became stronger and the definitions changed. Fewer people became part of the process and our performance faltered.

One item is the issue of spending taxpayer money. First, let's start calling taxpayer money taxpayer money. That's where it comes from and that's what it is. And the goods and services taxpayer money buys remains the taxpayers'. Let's hear more about taxpayer money.

Second, let's get more taxpayers. In the United States we have less people paying taxes than we did, say... ten years ago. That is putting more strain on those who pay taxes. How much of a strain can taxpayers take? I don't want to find out. Let's get more taxpayers by unleashing our free enterprise system. Government has put more and more restrictions on that system and it isn't working properly. There are too many obstacles.

With that in mind, let's define what our free enterprise system is. Let's call it capitalism. How's that for conservatism? A big step is getting back to basics, those basics which made us great. If we truly recognize capitalism as our economic system, we are conservatives.

My "new" definition of conservatism declares capitalism can not exist without democracy and democracy can not exist without capitalism.
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