the incredible shrinking president

This past week was full of peaks and speeches that were notable. Mitt Romney and Joe Biden at the NAACP Convention. President Obama at ...... uh.... Kirkland Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Yes, that great venue which seats.... well... uh .... I don't know. Mile High Stadium it is not.

The incumbent's appeal has shrunk like withered balloons. Certainly four years ago the balloons were inflated to the max. His campaign money was inflated too. Mitt Romney outpaced Obama in raising money in June. A tell-tale sign a candidate is in trouble at least in some areas of the country. Obama still has his base, but that too is showing signs of weariness.

The cool and collected campaigner has vanished. Obama's approval rating is in the low to upper 40's and can't budge with new ads that frankly attack Romney for being a ..... well, capitalist. Most know that capitalism isn't easy, especially in times like these. Tough business decisions have been the norm now for twenty years.... or more. Just ask the people who have had to make them. Small business owners tell us the difficulties and the achievements in what they do. Reforms within the internal framework of business are fast and tedious. Difficult to imagine, I know, but real.

Obama has a stalemate in Congress too. By his own doing. This "governing" style has painted a picture that goes all the way down to local government. The example seems to be set at the top. Solutions to problems are few, if existent at all. The focus is on issues that are petty and frivolous. This doesn't help.... it too is a stalemate.

End the stalemate. Vote for Romney.
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