you didn't build it

Charles Krauthammer wrote that President Obama has made the gaffe of the year by saying to those who created a business, you didn't build it. This, according to Krauthammer, should be hung around his neck until the end of his presidency.

Obama has the view of excellence in government, not private enterprise. Government lives off the taxation of private enterprise. Obama does not have the enterprise view. Well, I am wrong in that he gave us Solyndra, which was started by taxpayer money. Solyndra bankruptcy proceedings started last week.

Mitt Romney on the other hand gave us Staples. Staples was started with private capital.

According to Ernest L Klein, "One of the major triumphs of democratic American capitalism has been the acceptance of socialist devices within the capitalist framework. The test of the acceptability of any specific proposal for such a socialistic device should be the question of whether or not it is destructive of the capitalist framework, coupled with the question of desirability."

Socialist devices WITHIN the capitalist framework, not the takeover of the capitalist framework by socialist devices. But that is what we have going on, plain and simple. On election day stop the takeover. Vote for Mitt Romney.
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