absolute gray

John Casti, PhD from USC, a "complexity scientist" and "system theorist", and a former employee of the Rand Corporation, introduces the "Linchpin Theory" in his book X-Events: The Collapse of Everything. In this book he introduces scapegoat scenarios for disasters engineered by the establishment.

Linchpin Theory argues that overt social, political, and technological "complexity" is to blame for the most destructive events in modern human history. Castri would have us believe that political and social events are unguided and chaotic and disaster is a product of "chance" that occur at the height of an over-complicated system.

What we should know is that events do not evolve in a vacuum. It has been openly admitted in official observations on historical events that groups, who aspire to Utopia, have had a direct hand in the advent of particular conflicts. This was done to "alter the life, or thinking, of the entire culture". This is subversive design, not coincidence.

The collapse of Lehman Bros. was not some "random" event caused by uncontrolled "complexity". This was engineered complexity with a devious purpose, done with foreknowledge, at least by some. The derivatives market bubble was a deliberately created house of cards. Goldman Sachs was caught red handed betting against their own derivatives! They knew what was about to happen in the market they helped build!

Elitists describe X-Events as evolutionary events forcing a more streamlined culture upon us. The linchpin event is culture's way of "punishing itself" for settling to comfortably into its own heritage and traditions. WE are to blame for the next apocalypse, not the elites.

This is the age old strategy of Centralization. Remove all choices within a system, by force or manipulation, until the masses think they have nothing left but the choices the elites give them. It is the bread and butter of the Rand Corporation. What Rand had done through its propaganda war against America was to infuse the exact culture of selfishness needed to push the U.S. towards the socialist ideal. The masses are convinced to hand over ultimate power to the establishment in order to safeguard THEMSELVES. He wants what is best for himself, not others.

Elitism introduces the newest paradigms. The propaganda. The absolute gray is where the ends justify the means, and moral conscious is not a factor if one wishes to be successful.

Rational Choice Theory, a philosophy which gives us license to be as "self serving" as possible while feeling patriotic at the same time, promotes a social atmosphere of moral ambiguity in the name of personal and national priority. We are required to believe that we are to become monstrous in order to survive. The whole of the world is thin. Calamity will be called a random act of fate and we should see it coming.

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