whiteside county republican drawdown: october 16th

On Thursday, October 16th, the Whiteside County Republicans held their first drawdown at the Candlelight Inn in Rock Falls. My thanks to Robbin Graddert, chairman of the Whiteside County organization. In attendance was Tim Bivins, 45th District Senator from Dixon and Jerry Mitchell, 90th State Representive.

A real good time with great food. I was very pleased with the help I've received from Whiteside County. I went to their county fair this past summer twice and I really was happy with all the kind comments.

I met a very special friend.....Carson Roman who is from Prophetstown. His mother is serving in Iraq and his father just recently got back from Iraq and is stateside. I was told that he may be going back to Iraq in a couple of months. Keep Carson and his family in your prayers! God Bless them!

Carson was a bit concerned I didn't get enough to eat, so he wanted to share his celery stick. He really is a sweet child.
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