lisa madigan will not run for governor

Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General and daughter of Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, will not run for governor. What does this mean? Well for starters this could help the GOP nominee in a big way. The attention that the Madigans would have brought to the gov race could have been overwhelming. Thanks to Joe Birkett for throwing his hat in the ring to run for A.G. This gives Madigans their own theater since Ms. Madigan might have some explaining to do as far as the former governor is concerned. Frankly, Joe's timing is perfect!

The shift in the gove race could bring much attention to the GOP primary. I feel the attention will be focused on the GOP since we have plenty of ammo to blast away at the Democrats. However the GOP needs to focus on concrete solutions brought on by too much one-party rule from the Democrats in Illinois. The shift has been with the Democrats obviously, but what have they done? More taxes and fees (more revenue) but with more spending! Hence a larger budget gap that has cost Illinois jobs and job security and has left about a 700,000 population gap (people that have left Illinois since the 2000 census).

We as Republicans have to lead. Lead for more jobs and less taxes and less spending. Our improvements to infrastructure have to continue and we have to keep driving the point that we do have solutions..... it's just that our solutions have been squashed by the Democrat majority in the state legislature and a Democrat governor. It really is that simple.

I have posted already that I am for Bill Brady for Governor. Bill has the solutions such as the budget rollback and a spending cut across the board that would eliminate waste. I am a regional coordinator for Bill and I feel he is our best choice for a Republican to be the next governor.
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