state senator dan rutherford announces for state treasurer

State Senator Dan Rutherford form Pontiac has announced his candidacy for Illinois State Treasurer. Rutherford serves on the Senate Financial Institutions Committee. He is a private
sector business executive with the ServiceMaster Company, a position he held prior to being elected to the General Assembly.

"The State of Illinois is in a fiscal mess. We have seen one party dominate the Legislature, the Governor's Office, the City of Chicago and Cook County
governments. Chicago has the highest sales tax of any city in the country. Now
we are seeing the Democrats passing legislation which would create a new tax on
services, state-wide. It's time that the State's Chief Financial Officer be
vocal about the repercussions the one party dominance has created," noted

Here is the youtube link to Dan's announcement.

Dan does have statewide name recognition since he ran for Secretary of State in 2006. I support Dan in his run and wish him well.
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