rasmussen poll and report

The folks at Rasmussen have released a poll finding that deserves attention. More Americans would rather vote for a congressional candidate from a hypothetical "Tea Party" than for a Republican. I read this twice so I could allow it to "sink" in.

Respondents to the poll were asked: “Suppose the tea party movement organized itself as a political party. When thinking about the next election for Congress, would you vote for the Republican candidate from your district, the Democratic candidate from your district, or the Tea Party candidate from your district?”

The result of the three-way generic ballot: The Democrats attracted 36 percent of the vote, the Tea Party candidates 23 percent, and the Republicans 18 percent, with the rest undecided.

Among respondents not affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican Party, the Tea Party candidates came out on top with 33 percent of the vote, while 25 percent chose the Democrats and just 12 percent preferred the GOP, with 30 percent undecided.

The poll also revealed that 41 percent said that the Democrat and Republican Party are too much alike. This however might be changing with the Health Reform Bill that was voted on recently. The vote was right down the party line. According to Rush Limbaugh, this could be just what the Republican Party needs. Since the moderates of the Republican Senators went for voting "no", the common ground has been laid. The Republicans in Illinois have not had a common ground problem. We just need more of us in the state legislature and some state-wide office holders.

We have to convert this U.S. Republican Senate Health Reform Bill vote to a philosophy that will join us together so we may get results at the ballot box on November 2, 2010.

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