schilling job tour announced

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District, has announced a jobs tour to support his efforts to bring jobs to the 17th district. Schilling's primary goal is meting with concerned citizens, community leaders and employers throughout the district. This is the first of many job tours Schilling will conduct throughout the district.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday, December 28th

9 a.m. Erie
11 a.m. Sterling
2 p.m. Kewannee
3 p.m. Cambridge
4 p.m. Orion
5 p.m. Moline

Tuesday, December 29th

9 a.m. Canton
11 a.m. Abingdon
12 p.m. Roseville
1 p.m. Monmouth
2 p.m. Stronghurst
3 p.m. Oqkuaka
4 p.m. Galesburg

Wednesday, December 30th

9 a.m. Lewistown
10:30 a.m. Bushnell
11:30 a.m. Macomb
2 p.m. La Harpe
3 p.m. Carthage

Monday, January 4th

9 a.m. Decatur
11 a.m. Springfield
12:30 p.m. Chatham
2 p.m. Carlinville
3 p.m. Litchfield
4 p.m. Gillespie
4:45 p.m. Mt. Olive

Tuesday, January 5th

9 a.m. Pana
11 a.m. Ramsey
1 p.m. Staunton

Wednesday, January 6th

8 a.m. Quincy
1 p.m. Aledo
2 p.m. Rock Island
3 p.m. Colona
4 p.m. East Moline

Bobby Schilling is a local business owner AND has 13 years labor union experience.
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