bobby schilling meet and greet

Oakview Country Club was the location for the meet and greet with Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for the 17th district, U.S. House. A good contingent of folks braved the weather on January 25th to hear what Bobby had to say. I had the honor of introducing Bobby, as I have known Bobby for about a year.

Bobby's town hall meeting thus far on health care have received a very positive response. Bobby has also received more campaign contributions in Q4 of 2009 than his democrat incumbent opponent.

Other candidates that were there included me for Mercer County Treasurer, Vicki Bull for Mercer County Clerk and Jason Soseman for Mercer County Sheriff. County Board member Bob Vickrey, who is running for re-election was there along with Jason Connell who is running for Mercer County Board within the city limits of Aledo, the Mercer County seat.

The issues we face today are more serious than in 2008. Be sure to watch the State of the Union on Wednesday the 27th.
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