reasons to vote for bill brady for governor

Bill Brady is the only candidate for Governor from Downstate Illinois.

One-party, one-city control of Illinois government has failed our citizens.

Bill Brady will be a Governor for all of Illinois and bring a long-missing balance to state government. He understands the issues of suburban voters and knows the challenges that Downstate residents face - all of which have been left by the wayside by the Chicago Democrats in power over the last eight years.

Bill Brady will bring a new common-sense approach to government, giving citizens a greater voice in their government and making government work for the people, not for the career politicians. He has pledged to not raise taxes and to cut spending. He will work to bring jobs back to Illinois.

He is a lifelong resident of Bloomington, where he and his wife Nancy have raised their three children, Katie, William and Duncan. He and his brothers operate home construction and real estate development companies in Illinois, as well as property management, mortgage, real estate marketing, hospitality and entertainment companies in Central Illinois.

Brady is the only candidate for Governor who has both the business and legislative experience that is needed to turn Illinois around.

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