why i support bill brady

After years of watching mismanagement and corruption ruin our state, people like me across Illinois are fed-up. Movements like the Tea Parties have cropped up, and motivated Americans are stepping up to protect our freedoms and support candidates that can shake up the system.

I’m an ardent supporter of Tea Party movement, and I will likely be after this primary. That’s why I’m supporting the only true conservative outsider for Governor, Bill Brady. Brady won me over on issues – not by hiring a member of the Tea Party movement I belong to or through behind-the-scenes endorsement deals.

He’s the only candidate from outside the Chicago area, the only candidate with a proven, rock-solid conservative record, and he’s the only candidate with hundreds of volunteers running his campaign in counties and townships throughout Illinois. No smoke and mirrors. A real, effective, grassroots campaign. I encourage my like-minded friends to support Bill Brady for Governor.
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