illinois policy institute plan

The Illinois Policy Institute has released a four-point plan for 2010. This agenda is very promising and provides a framework to go by.

  • Pension Funding and Fairness Act. This requires borrowing early on, but would put pensions on a real path to full funding with all debt paid off by 2024.
  • No more big spending! Wasteful pork is hurting us.... big time. See the 2010 Piglet Book for details.
  • A three-year freeze on state spending The new study, due out in March, will show that spending in Illinois can be flat-lined.
  • A full-fledged Illinois Performance Audit will be done which most likely will show the economic decline in Illinois started in 1970. Recommendations for change will reverse the course.
With these solutions in place, the fiscal calamity will come to an end WITHOUT a tax increase. We need to put faith back into the free market and get free from politicians who keep wanting to raise taxes. The future of Illinois hangs in the balance!
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