mercer county lincoln day dinner

The Mercer County Republican Central Committee held their Lincoln Day Dinner at the Mercer County VFW in Aledo on Saturday, February 20th. We were honored to have as our guest speaker, Robert Enriquez, Republican for Secretary of State. Mr. Enriquez spoke about the great free market and enterprise system in America. We take our freedom too much for granted and we must always take a moment to reflect on our freedom and just how important and cherished it is.

Mr Enriquez announced that if elected, he has chosen Andy Andrejewski, who ran for Governor, to coduct a forensic audit of the Secretary of State's operations. His sound management style will be a welcome change to Illinois. We thank Robert for his commitment to the Republican Party in Illinois.

Bobby Schilling, 17th Congressional Candidate also spoke along with all of us local candidates. We appreciate the kind support.

Pictures: above, left: Bobby Schilling, right: Robert Enriquez
below: left:BillHanford, Bobby Schilling campaign coordinator and Vicki Bull, candidate for Mercer County Clerk
right: Vicki Bull and Mike Bertelsen, Mercer County Treasurer and
Mercer County GOP Chairman
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