I recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Rock Island Argus. It most likely will appear next week in the print edition.

Throughout the time I have been in office (12/01/1994), my priority has been to the proper function of government. Whether we need to improve services or add them isn’t always up to those who are in office. Often events have dictated what changes government will make. The function of government should be a priority for those who hold office. I am no exception. Waste and needless spending have caught up with some local governments. Now their very governmental function is threatened because there isn’t enough money. The jail expansion in Mercer County is progressing despite opposition to the project. My role, although minor, will help make the project a success. A complete team effort is key for this to work. The goal obviously is to increase revenue. Several questions still remain however and the answers won’t be in for some time. That’s unfortunate, but the county’s ability to function more effectively could hinge on this project.

As Mercer County Treasurer, I have always looked at the money I have responsibility for as taxpayer money. The need for less waste and more efficiency is paramount today. Public servants have to focus on better overall services and better management to better serve the citizens. Sometimes this means do more with less. I’ve always been cognizant of where the money comes from and if re-elected I’ll continue serving with that in mind.

No one wants to see their tax dollars wasted. Local governments may be in more and more of a fix, and as a result may not have the tax dollars to waste. That on one hand is good for taxpayers, but on the other hand they may be wondering why there aren’t the goods and services once offered. Smaller government may be ours more by default rather than by design.

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