With election day over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Either our candidates won or lost, except for Illinois governor at this writing. Is that a signal that perhaps the governor's seat is the least needed now? Just thinking out loud..... sorry. Back on track though, new seats in the state houses and the federal government are happening. We as taxpayers have the curiosity clock in overdrive wondering how our newly elected U.S. House reps will do. How will the President handle all of this?

The nation is surely changing. Taxation, jobs, health care, national security, war and welfare are topics that need attention. We all know that. Will the collective bodies of government come together so positive solutions are at hand? We'll have to wait and see. But that doesn't mean our voices must remain silent. Obviously our voices weren't silent on November 2, 2010.

My best to all of those who were elected or re-elected. We as public servants must keep those we serve in mind when we make decisions, especially decisions that spend and use taxpayer money. The mentality that the money will always be there has got to go. That's not campaign rhetoric, it's fact. Perhaps it was about time that less money hit government entities. I for one have been ready for this, however I'm realizing that I wasn't totally ready. That's ok though, I'll get used to it. Move forward with what we have and serve the public with less. That ok too. The American initiative has always been to do more with less. This made us the nation we are today. What got us here will have to work to make us aware that enough is enough. If that doesn't work, then let's find what enough is.
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