the illinois straw poll

Doug Ibendahl has written an article about the frankly waste-of-time GOP presidential straw poll in Illinois. I didn't even know Illinois had one in 2007 and I don't usually live under a rock. I come out from under the rock more when the Geico commercials are on TV.

But do you feel like you are under a rock when it comes to the GOP in Illinois? You are not alone. I'd say that Illinois is not even waiting in the wings to be player in the nationwide picture of the Republican Party. Doug wrote that U.S. Senator Mark Kirk tells our party chairman Pat Brady what to do. Not surprising to me... U.S. Senators have run parties in their respective states before, why not Illinois? And in Mr. Kirk's defense, he is a new Senator and he is surely to be congratulated on winning the general election in 2010. We now have a Republican filling a U.S. Senate seat in Illinois after quite a hiatus. Mr. Kirk's accomplishment came from a lot of hard work by many Republicans.

This hopefully will be a cue for Mr. Kirk to promote Illinois more within the national GOP structure. Since the straw poll was dismal in 2007, should, as Doug wrote, Illinois even have one? Perhaps Illinois should pass and get over to the National Straw Poll held in Iowa in August. WE could use some pointers.

Doug makes the case for Iowa to hold the straw poll. They have a functioning Republican apparatus that's very good. Iowa is always a battleground state. They are a shining example of what a statewide GOP group should be. Texas is another one.

Let's please take a look at the these two bright states within the Republican National Committee. Our best efforts are yet to come in 2012. I'm confident of that. According to Doug we do need help. But the help needs to first come within.

Let's support SB 35. Senate Bill 35 not only restores real democracy and accountability to our State Party – it doubles the size of the State Central Committee from 19 to 38. In other words, it doubles the chances for getting some real leaders for a change. For a point of reference, the General Assembly (the 97th) on January 27, 2011 reintroduced HB 600 as Senate Bill 35. The legislation is identical to the old Senate Bill 600, the number assigned in the previous General Assembly.

Let's hope Mr. Kirk and Mr. Brady get on board and support SB 35. That's the start to get the Illinois Republican Party back in action to make our presidential straw poll meaningful. When that happens Illinois can at least wait in the wings to be a player.
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