q1 gdp

Mike Bertelsen


The recession ended 5 years ago. Did you notice? GDP figures can be volatile, as we were reminded by several economists. In a zerohedge.com story by Tyler Durden, the economic pulse isn't good. There is always a silver lining in side every dark cloud.... right?

Some have noted weaker than expected Q1 2014 GDP will bring a stronger Q2 number. Keep that in the brainpan because that will be the silver lining.... if it happens. Tyler brings forth the notion of ignoring the hard data and relying on the Fed's balance sheet.

One central point is stagnating median incomes. There has been info pointing to this for about 5 years. Housing has been struggling in some areas of the country and are still feeling the effects of the recession. Smart Girl Politics asks, "What happened to the recovery?"

The positive spin on the economy continues as they point out in their article. One "spin" of note is that the U.S. economy contracted for the first time since 2011. This contraction shows how much fragility the economy has.

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