deflation continued

A slowing world economy is here. The Eurozone and China are at the focus of this. See the post from

Structural changes in the U.S. economy are ongoing. Can the Fed break through this stagnant stalemate? Could a replay of 2008 be setting up? With the GDP number down for Q1 2014 in the U.S. there isn't much room for optimism when it comes to asset increases. The drag on the overall big picture has the bond guys wondering and waiting. Interest rates have been projected to go up, however the data speaks for a flat interest rate. Can the high risk pool help the U.S. economy if enough folks jump in? Can all-time highs keep getting higher?

This is the situation we are facing. Our views on housing and wealth generation have been muddled by the stark reality of sluggish job growth. Frankly we aren't back to work like we should be.

The risk-off scenario is coming into view according to a article, which gives plenty of reasons why this should play out. Hello U.S. Treasuries.

With the 10 Year Note yield being put on the radar, could this tell us that global debt bubble fears will increase? Chinese government debt is up 25 times since 2000! This has gave us the notion of a crumbling economy in China. Here at home we need job growth. But we're at the mercy of so much around us. According to a story, our labor participation rate is just under 63%.

I can't help but see a continued lag in the U.S. job market.

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